We pay CASH
for your Mortgage Note

Cash in your Mortgage Note

Instead of monthly payments trickling in, how would you like a big lump sum of cash now?

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You have so many dreams and you need the cash to achieve them!  The longer you hold on to your note the less valuable it becomes because the balance gets smaller. 

Are you ever worried that they might stop paying?
Or has that already happened?

Reasons to Sell your Note

Your note is most valuable right now!

More Reasons to Sell your Note

  • See the world! 
  • Travel to your dream destinations.
  • Buy More Real Estate Assets!
  • Buy your vacation home
  • Move closer to your family
  • Pay off unforeseen medical debt
  • Pay off tax debt
  • Pay Student Loans
  • Solve Divorce & other legal issues
  • Unemployment issues
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Starting a new business
  • New investment opportunities
  • Alleviate bankruptcy, delinquency & foreclosure issues
  • Get rid of a non-paying borrower

Sell your note

The Top Reason 

You only live ONCE!

My name is April Banda and I am a mortgage note buyer


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